For a few years Donato used to grow bonsai self-taught person, following the suggestions coming from books and magazines.
On 1992 He met Salvatore Liporace and Renato Dal Toso and became a student of Studio Botanico school on Milan.
He attended several workshops with the best European and Japanese teachers.
Between 1993 and 2005 he took part in some congresses organized by E. B. A. showing his bonsai.
In several occasions he was selected for making deimonstrations on U.B.I. national congress and E.B.A. European congress.
He's actively involved on Studio Botanico school teaching program.
He use to take demonstration and workshop about bonsai techniques in some Italian and International Bonsai club .
His articles are usually published on Italian and International magazines.

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On October 1997 Donato cooperate with Studio Botanico school in organizing a study journey to Japan, the puprpouse was visiting the most famous Bonsai gardens, the prestigious Taikanten exhibition in Kyoto and attending an intensive workshop held by the grand master Masahiko Kimura.

Donato won many national and international prizes.
From 1996 he is an official I.B.S. Bonsai instructor, and he was twice elected board member of the I.B.S. association.
On 2003 he was elected president of Bonsai Blu club of Milan.

2006 - Donato Danisi